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Quantitative Analysis Consulting Services

Asset Management

Quantitative Analysts – “Quants”, as we are commonly known, help decision makers such as portfolio managers, financial advisors, financial planners and investment teams make informed, numbers driven decisions.

Financial advisors spend most of their time growing their AUM (assets under management) and may be unsure how to fully satisfy their clients’ needs.

We are your outsourced Quants Team that will focus on Performance Measurement and possible Performance Enhancement.

Numbers Should Inform Decisions

We believe that the numbers speak louder than words. “Successful Investing” cannot simply be analysed by performance but should be analysed in the context of risk and predetermined investment goals. We have developed various Quantitative Models that are tailor suited to each client based on the needs of each client. Most investment teams focus on stock selection without the complete view of the portfolio. Financial advisors spend most of their time growing their AUM and may be unsure how to fully satisfy their clients’ needs.

Your Outsourced Quants Team

We are your outsourced “Quants Team” that will focus on Performance measurement and possible Performance enhancement.

Below are some of the services that we offer tailor suited to the clients’ needs. We are open to hearing your challenges and coming up with solutions that best suit you “Quantitatively”.


We partner with institutions, developing strategies to deliver the outcomes they require.

Our clients are the drivers of our firm, inspiring our drive for intelligent, innovative solutions.  

Portfolios decision have often been thought of in isolation to the risk-return objectives of an investment. Whether your portfolio is positioned for long-term success or short-term market timing, performance and risk must be analysed on a regular basis.

We offer the following services tailor suited to the clients’ needs:

  • Performance Attribution – (equity portfolios, balanced portfolios and fixed income portfolios)
  • Risk Attribution
  • Benchmarking – (tracking error analysis, benchmark appropriateness, benchmark selection etc.)
  • Calculation and interpretation of performance and risk measures
  • Holdings Analysis
  • Fund Facts Preparation & Reporting

The choice between various asset classes (i.e. equities, fixed income, property & cash) is often deemed to be an intuitive process yet, this process is a “science”. We have developed different models and techniques for various stages of the asset allocation cycle from:

  • Strategic asset allocation
  • Tactical asset allocation rules
  • Rules-based asset allocation
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • Smart Beta Portfolio Construction
  • Enhanced Indexing
  • Multi-factor Portfolio Construction

We are specialists in the use and/or construction of different types of fixed income portfolio strategies such as Barbell Portfolios, Bulleted Portfolios & Laddered Portfolios. We have an understanding of when to select which strategy based on the expectation of the yield curve. We work proficiently with plain vanilla bonds, floating rate bonds & inflation-linked bonds.

Our services include:

  • Fixed Income Portfolio Construction
  • Fixed Income Management Training
  • Strategy and Analysis

Whether you would like research performed for the purposes of multi-management portfolio construction or maintenance, know what the industry has to offer within the different ASISA categories, or you’re just curious about investment managers. We Quantitatively perform investment manager research that’s focused on the criteria below but not limited to the criteria below:

  • Peer group analysis
  • Performance and Risk Analysis
  • Style drift analysis
  • Foreign exposure analysis
  • Holdings Analysis (publicly available holdings are analysed)

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