Capital is a core lever for the growth of any business.

Understanding how capital works is the key to unlocking, extracting and creating value in every business.

Financial Advisory

We Work With Numbers

We help decision-makers interpret complex financial data utilizing complex financial tools and methodologies. We assess data from various forms such as balance sheets, cash-flow statements, income statements, industry trends, market data, statistics and others, in order to aid decision makers to make informed financial decisions – whether it be for acquiring new machinery, seeking investments, loans, or expanding operations.

Every Business Is Unique

At NMK Africa we understand that every business is unique. There is no one size fits all.

That is why we present financial solutions that work with the size of your business today to get it to where you want it to be tomorrow.


Having worked with many businesses, transforming their balance sheets;

we have a boutique selection of financial services that we offer our clients for 10x results.


We assist you in structuring your business for future and on-going success. We listen to your business challenges and we strategically use our thought-leadership to give you the right business advice to steer you on in the path of success.


We help you anticipate potential surpluses or losses before they occur. Success is not an accident it is well prepared for and poor budgeting merely leads to losses and unnecessary cash outflows. We work with you to minimise financial errors.


Forecasting is not a guarantee of the future but is an essential aspect of the business cycle. We work with you to make reasonable assumptions of the future based on various trends thus, depicting a picture of where we anticipate the business to be in the next years to come.


Risk management involves several steps which involve risk avoidance, risk reduction and risk taking. We work with you to quantify the level of risk the business is taking, the level of risk the business could face and the level of risk that can be avoided or eliminated. We also work with you to implement risk control procedures for your business.


Financial models summarise the past, present and possible future state of the business. Financial models essentially show decision makers the components of the business that have contributed to profits and the components of the business that have detracted from profits. We have the necessary expertise to assist you in financial modelling from Mergers & Acquisition Models, Leveraged Buy-Out Models, Real Estate Models, Project Financing to simple 3 Statement Financial Model Linking (Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss and Cash Flow Statements).


Business valuations are essentially a reasonable estimate of how much someone would buy your business for. Valuations are usually required when you want to want to apply for a new loan, a merger with another company, de-lever your company or you just want to know the current value of your business. We have various techniques we can use to assist you in valuing your business.

One-Stop Solutions

We have carefully constructed the following packages to serve as a reference point for our relationship with you. The packages are an acute array of services that are tailoured for your business, depending on it’s stage.

Startup Package

The concept of business can be daunting and inconceivable in many instances. You could have a genius idea, or could be backed up against the wall; but in a competitive business environment what sets you apart from the crowd are sound business principles and processes.

How you see yourself in future all stems from the plan that is generated from an idea that is written down clearly, and then excellently executed.

We are dedicated to ensuring your plans and visions come to reality, basing our skills and expertise on a clear methodical process that will ensure we implement sound financial principles for your business.

Growth Package

Growth by definition is the process of increasing in size, and with increased size comes increased responsibility. Growth also comes with more revenue, albeit, with increased costs.

If this process of growth is not managed accordingly, it can lead to risks within the business and processes surrounding the management of financial resources. It is said that 30% of businesses fail within the first 3 years of operation, and 50% within 5 years.

NMK Africa will ensure your business is well-equipped for growth, while mitigating associated risks and financial growth pains..

Scale Package

You are ready to scale. At this level, your business has undergone several hurdles and challenges to get to where it is now. Congratulations to your team and to your excellent leadership.

Now you are at the phase where you want to unlock value within your business to position yourself for more faster growth.

At NMK Africa, we now come in to help you streamline and automate your business processes, as well as strategically position the business to succeed financially during scale. We structure the business to have the optimum use of debt and equity to achieve overall financial success.

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