Accounting is at the core of every successful business.
Record keeping and accurate financials enable growth and sustainability.

Tax & Accounting

Accounting can be tedious, especially if one is not trained in finance and accounting. However, it does not need to be.

The services we offer aim to increase efficiency of organisations by adequately recording all transactions and compiling sound financial reports and submissions, while reducing the mental overload of business owners, giving them more time to focus on their business activities.


Our services include but are not limited to the following:

Book Keeping

Every transaction as small as it may seem in the context of the business must be recorded. Accurate record keeping will result in you being able to retrieve information when it is needed the most, get you to understand the growth and progress of your business and have the business meet all legal requirements.We ensure that we set you up with systems and perform this tedious function whilst you focus on growing your business.

Income Tax and VAT Submissions

Whether you need help with your tax submissions, guidance on tax saving strategies or tax planning consultation we have a dedicated team that will ensure you meet every deadline and maximise your tax benefits.

We offer a variety of different services using which include: Business Tax Consultation, Personal Tax Consultation, Personal Tax Returns and Business Tax Returns.

Compilation of Financial Statements

Whether your business is mandated to report financial statements or not, it is of absolute importance that the business has reliable financial statements. We understand the finer details of the compilation of financial statements and we can assist you in this process.

We will also assist you in understanding and interpreting the financials to make sound business decisions.

Venture Start up Systems, Strategy & Support

We fully understand the daunting task of starting a business. The questions you may ask yourself is where do I even begin? We will walk with you through this journey and set you up for your successful entrepreneurial journey.

Among many of the services we can offer, we will help you with business plan projections, setting up your accounting systems, business model planning and strategic positioning.


In addition to our standard services, we also offer bespoke accounting packages suited for businesses at every stage.

Venture Capital Startup Package

When one is starting up their venture, their primary focus and attention is devoted to the core operations and primary functions of the business. Seldom do they think about their accounting systems.

The NMK Africa Venture Capital Startup Package is for entrepreneurs who are aiming to raise capital and secure investors. We setup the initial accounting systems, processes and software necessary to get you started professionally, ensuring compliance and necessary due diligence. This enables the business to make informed decisions and be investor ready.

Growing and Scaling Businesses Package

The accounting demands of a growing business that is ready to scale are far much greater than a startup. You will have had 2+ years of operations, and should already have established processes and systems in place. Your team is bigger, and you have regular expenditure and income. As the business grows, you might not have the time or the expertise to maintain your books. Tax is also now a reality that should be planned for.

NMK Africa alleviates the pressure and the stress that comes with the demands of growth and scale. Welcome to the big leagues.

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