About Us

We are experts in finance, and we are passionate about building Africa.

Our Ideology

NMK Africa is at the forefront of new methods of doing business in Africa. We understand digital entrepreneurship, and the emergence of new business models brought about by the 4th industrial revolution.

We know where Africa is today, and together with our clients, we understand where African business is going. We are committed to pushing the frontiers of knowledge in our quest of developing highly successful, fast-growing businesses.

Our Experience

The team has experience in the debt and equity capital markets, asset management, property analysis, quantitative analysis, financial planning and portfolio management. The team also has accounting, auditing and taxation experience in various industries in the industry.

The team is currently working on different projects in the field of science and technology, green energy and biotechnology. Our current work involves capital raising, financial advisory. The team understands impact investing and is at the forefront of assisting entrepreneurs, NPOs and SMEs realise financial success for the future and economy of Africa.

Our Ethos

Ethical business

We do good business. We are against corruption and operate at the highest level of ethical practice. Honesty is a core principle that we abide by.

Shared value

We do not just take money from our customers; we help them make money. We make money with, and for our customers.

Impact Investing

We are not only concerned about the bottom line but are also concerned about the welfare of societies, economies and the continent.